Edge Trim

Edge Trim

Edge Trim is used to form the Concrete Slab Edge, which acts as a permanent formwork to the edges to the concrete Slab. The Edge Trim is formed from light gauge galvanised steel manufactured to the same height as the required slab thickness, this allows the slab to be formed to the exact height with a perfect edge. This is achieved not only by the strength of the edge shuttering but also by the steel restraint straps which fix to the top of the edge trim every 600mm to give additional rigidity to the up stand.

We carry a large stock of all the popular edge depths, 130, 150, 200 supplied in 3m lengths complete with the required quantity of restraint straps. Other profiles can be manufactured to your specifications for further information please contact us.

Our Edge Trims are widely used on Pre-cast concrete slabs and metal decking projects when pouring concrete in-situ to form floors. Once the steel decking has been laid, the edge shuttering is then fixed around the perimeters of the slab and any internal openings within the slab. Concrete can then be poured in-situ onto the metal deck floor to the required height of the slab.

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